Getting started with the Ethereum Name Service.

So, what’s your Dogecoin address? DC8rb9… Got it—something difficult to remember.

How awesome would it be, instead, to have your Dogecoin sent to “”? Easy to remember and way cooler. Let’s take a look at how you’d pull this off.

Domain Name System (DNS) Recap

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the internet’s phonebook. Instead…

Take the advice of the biggest influencer of them all.

Some product managers exert strong influences over teams through formal authority because of their domain expertise or track record. As a new product manager leading a team through influence may seem daunting without any of these.

However, influence comes in different forms, and the most powerful form doesn’t require authority…

The 3 pillars of product management provide a firm foundation.

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Pitching Your Products

As a product manager, you are the entrepreneur within your company. Your job is to discover products that are useable for your customers, feasible for your engineers and viable for your business.

“The role of a product manager is to discover a valuable product that is useable for our customers…

How Much Is Your Idea Worth?

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Market Size

A critical component of any new venture.

Estimating market size is critical to creating a successful business plan. It determines whether a new venture is feasible and provides the foundation to generate financial projects.

There are two basic ways to evaluate the market size — a top-down analysis and bottom-up…

Gavin Singh

Product & Program Manager at Multi-Tech Systems. Providing custom IoT Products & Solutions that deliver business results.

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